We As Makers | 2006

Commissioned and Presented by the Minnesota Visible Fringe Festival
Mill City Museum, Minneaplis, MN

Direction and Choreography
Vanessa Voskuil

Vocal Direction
Stan Rothrock

Arwen Hotchkiss

Sound Technician
Bryon Gunsch

Music by John Playford, Antonio Vivaldi, Guiseppi Verdi, Avo Pärt, Wolfgang Mozart,
Ludwig Van Beethoven

Excerpts from Plato’s The Replublic and
Original text by Vanessa Voskuil

Katy Becker, Alecia Ball, Jerome Bowden, Jessica Fiala, Cade Holmseth, Jennifer Mack, Mark Ruark, Ansel Smolund

Kylah Aull, Denise Bird, Melanie Cooperman, Zachary Crocket , Vicki Fingalson, Solange Guillaume, Tara LaBerge, Gina Meyer, Sam Oneal, Scott Sandberg, Ann Tobey, Hillary Vermillion


"Visually stunning….Voskuil's piece, 'We as Makers,' occurs in perhaps the most fantastical site in the Twin Cities: the Mill City Museum's courtyard ruin….The performance begins with the seven dancers posed throughout the floor of the dirty, rock-strewn ruin. Their wonderful costumes of tattered linen tops and pants and swaths of tapestry-like fabric are in colors that echo that ruin's tan and gold brick walls and rusty-red girders. "

- mnartists.org