SHIFT | 2012

Conceived, Choreographed, Directed
Vanessa Voskuil

Sonic environment and technologies
Manjunan Gnanaratnam

Design Installation
David Mehrer

Performing Collaborators
Jeffrey Berger, Hilda De Roover, Andrea Ñ Gutierrez, Alexandre Spinelli Ferreira, Pierre-Gilles Henry, Ifrah Mansour, Emma Rainwater, Sammy Samejima


SHIFT is a sound and interactive movement environment in the lobby of the Barbara Barker Center for Dance at the University of Minnesota. SHIFT asked which communicative qualities contributed to a sustainable, evolving society, best serve the conversation, and lay the groundwork for growth.  In between performance events, spectators were invited to explore the interactive environment freely.

Northern Spark 2012, Minneapolis, MN
University of Minnesota Dance & Theater Department, Barbara Barker Center for Dance

Jerome Foundation