Midnight Padhandling | 2012

Vanessa Voskuil and Scott Sayre

Technical Director and Video Compilation and Design
Scott Sayre

Movement Director
Vanessa Voskuil

Music Director and Soundscape Design
Peter O’Gorman

Diane Anderson, Margaret Bauman, Michaela Bram, Florence Brammer, Joshua J. Carter, Amelia Foster, Ania Grandbois, Andrea Gutierrez, Mary Hartnett, Wendy Jones. Carissa Logghe, Kimberly Long, Virginia McBride, Valerie Overby, Gregory Parks, Rose Sherman, Kirsten Stephens, Kris Wetterlund, Johanna Zollar, Nan Brownf

Sound and Music Performers
Maria Benson, Robert Borman, Mark Countryman, Beth Erickson, Lisa Goese, Paul Karlson, Eva Mohn, Peter O’Gorman, Shannon Thorson

Midnight Padhandling combines the shimmer and potentiality of a large-screen video display with the fluidity and independence of human movement. Twenty performers gather to tell an animated story through movement and visual transitions by manipulating iPads.

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN 

Walker Art Center

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