min 25sec

Inspired by the ecstatic writings of Sufi poet Hafiz (c. 1320-1389), Overflow is a quality of surrender and partakes in surreal expressionistic characteristics.  

Directed, performed, choreographed, edited by Vanessa Voskuil
Cinematography and edit by John Koch

2010 Minnesota Dance Film Festival, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN  



"...Vanessa Voskuil's Overflow, which revels in a red tide of satin, summoning up suicide, sex, childbirth, rebirth in a potent mix. Voskuil's not just messing around; she has these themes at her fingertips, like notes on a keyboard, and she weaves them in a haunting spell. This film breaks more rules than one: close-ups of Voskuil smooth over the calligraphic lines of her shoulders and chest, but these moments reveal character (strength latent under beauty) rather than simply indulging vanity. And Overflow wins the "only on camera" prize by running backward a film of satin being pulled from the floor, an obvious device that still mesmerizes as the satin pools, glimmers, and advances, as if it were alive."
- mnartists.org