Aves | 2006/2010

2006 Minnesota Sage Dance Award for Outstanding Design

anessa Voskuil

Vanessa Voskuil and Cade Holmseth

Vanessa Voskuil

Vanessa Voskuil, The White Solos: University of Minnesota, Barbara Barker Center for Dance, Minneapolis, MN (2006)
Minnesota Sage Dance Awards, Minneapolis, MN (2010)



“….Holmseth aids Voskuil in a full range of movement, leaning precariously in a variety of directions at sharp angles, lifting her off the ground, and jerking her back suddenly at times when she reaches for the ground, and other fallen birds.”

-  Mathew Everett, In My Humble Opinion

"...Vanessa Voskuil stood center stage in a white sheer lacy curtain of a dress from the waist down and her gorgeous, muscular naked torso exposed but for a man's hands over her breasts...a very still piece, a piece with a woman reading German poetry...It was, um, pretty beautiful."

- MinnesotaPlaylist.com