Anatomy of Child’s Play | 2006

2006 Minnesota Sage Dance Award for Outstanding Design

Vanessa Voskuil

Video Direction
Vanessa Voskuil

Video Edit and Cinematography
Jesse Krank

Set and Costume Design
Vanessa Voskuil

Costume Construction
Nick Harper

Vanessa Voskuil, The White Solos: University of Minnesota, Barbara Barker Center for Dance, Minneapolis, MN (2006)

Click here for video pieces shown. 



“…a humorous montage of images and elements….Anatomy of Child's Play mixes projected video, Mozart and Nat King Cole, platinum blond wigs, a skirt made of tea cups, an enormous fish tank, a whole lot of onions, and oh yes, a house cat. They say never act with animals or children, but Vanessa gets away with this as well.”

- Mathew Everett, In My Humble Opinion